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Liberty Hancock – Cozy Thriller and Adventure


Summer 1941, a senator’s daughter sees a traitorous act. When no one believes her, she investigates it herself. She finds herself not only in danger from the supposedly dead traitor but she also finds that espionage runs in her blood. On the female side of the family.

Ailis Adair has always liked adventure stories…

Indian Jones

The 1960’s Batman show

But with the exception of Wonder Woman, most bigger than life heroes and adventure story leads, are men.

So she set out to write stories that had strong female leads.

She describes the book as sort of Batman meets Remington Steele.

We are calling this type of book a Cozy Thriller. Like most thrillers, we know WHO pretty quickly. But like most cozy mysteries, there is minimal violence. Mainly a good old adventure romp but with a female lead.

You can find Liberty Hancock here.

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