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Children’s Picture Book


 Seven Monsters Ready to Play

This children’s picture book is about friends and how playing together is better than being alone.

Children’ learn numbers and each monster is a different color.

Seven Monsters Ready to Play is available in several languages. It will soon be available as a read alone audio book (great for car rides.)

This is the first in a series of learning books with the Seven Monsters.

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Childrens Counting Book



Seven Monsters Time for Bed is a picture book about seven monster friends who live in a garden.

Bitsy and Billy and their friends try to stop the sun from setting so they don’t have to go to bed. They make a tall line of monsters and have fun along the way.

This is also a counting book.








Easy Reader Story Book



Alyssa and her parents spend the day visiting Chicago.
Is Chicago a fun place for kids?
It sure is.
Come along with Alyssa and find out just how fun this city is.